Patrick and Samantha Donovan

My wife and I have worked with Tru Brit Realty five times and have had a wonderful experience every time. I cannot quantify how fantastic the team at Tru Brit really are. I have no desire to every work with anyone else. I have spoken to friends who are looking to purchase or sell a property and I have always recommended the Tru Brit team. It is all in the detail. Tru Brit work with the best people. Whether it is the Title search, research into the history of the property, filing and processing paperwork, staging the property for sale, finding properties that are in line with what your looking for, inspections, etc. Tru Brit treats every part of the process as the most important. Communication, communication, communication. My wife and I never wondered about the process. From the presentation on the first day describing what the process will entail, to after the purchase or sale, the Tru Brit teams remains in constant contact. They keep you updated and answer every question. And my wife and I had plenty of questions! The Tru Brit team is always available. For the Tru Brit team, professionalism is a byword. My wife and I always felt like we were the most important clients and that there was always time for us. During every purchase or sale, from start to finish, every member of the Tru Brit team conducted themselves is such a manner that I felt like I was buying and selling multimillion dollar properties! You will have fighters in your corner. One of the most memorable feelings that I came away with, when working with Tru Brit, was that I had fighting champs in my corner. I always felt that my wife and I came out on top. You will know that the Tru Brit team is fighting for you. At all times, we felt like Tru Brit was making sure that any deal was the best deal for my family. I never felt pressured, rushed, or like I was just a commission. When Tru Brit is in your corner, you know your interests are the number 1 priority. The Tru Brit team (family). Though the Tru Brit team are consummate professionals, they also make you part of the family. My wife and I have a relationship with the Tru Brit team that will last beyond our final purchase or sale. My wife and I would contact Tru Brit for recommendations on who to hire for renovations, or plumbing and electrical work. We never had to search on different websites that require a fee or take a chance on an unknown. Deb and Jon foster an environment that creates a connection that will continue beyond your purchase or sale. This happens because you know that you matter to them. When you work with Tru Brit, you are not merely conducting a business transaction. You are working with wonderful people who care about you. I cannot over emphasize how wonderful it is to work with Tru Brit. Buying and selling can be stressful. There is no doubt about that. Do yourself a favor; when you are looking to buy or sell a property, whether it’s your first property or your twentieth, work with a team that will not only get you the best deal, but will also make the experience an enjoyable and memorable one. Work with Tru Brit.

— Patrick and Samantha Donovan