Home prices and sales trended in opposite directions throughout 2022 according to year-end statistics released by Maine Listings.

The median sales price (MSP) in Maine stood at $335,000 in December, up just over 12% on 2021. The MSP indicates half of homes were sold for more and half for less.

Meantime, the number of home sales fell by more than 17% last year with just over 16,800 properties sold statewide.

Last month unit sales fell by more than 36% when compared to December 2021 whilst prices were up by around 9%.

The up/down trend in prices and sales was consistent throughout 2022 with the lack of inventory the driver for both.  Rising interest rates, however, were also a contributing factor in the slowdown in homes sold according to industry commentators who also pointed to an expected uptick in activity in the New Year post the seasonal holiday firebreak.

Full Press Release and County by County Statistics